Onduline Sheets
# Now in Egypt, the roofs of the mandolin to cover the external roofs of all buildings and facilities
Consists of organic fibers saturated with bitumen mixed with a special material in a special way to preserve the original colors even in the most difficult climatic conditions
# European Quality Standard TS EN 534 (European Standardization Committee)
Ondlin plates similar to clay bricks
To cover the roofs of villas, houses, roofs, garages, industrial hangars, pergolas
Advantages of the product of
1 – gives a beautiful view of the building
2 – Insulation for water leakage to be treated with bitumen
3 – Protects against UV rays
4 – Light weight
5 – Flexible to give the most beautiful shape in curves
6 – Does not crack or peel
7 – Not affected by biological agents such as mold or fungi
8 – is not affected by the salts and acids and moisture resulting from climatic factors
9 – absorbs sound
10. Multi-color to fit the aesthetic shape of the building
11 – Resistant to combustion and does not help ignite according to international standards and standards
12 – Easy installation saves time and effort
13 – Excess in cost compared to other products



Onduline roof sheets

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