Polycarbonate Sheets:


Airports, swimming pools

halls, hotels, administrative buildings,

playgrounds, greenhouses, villas

billboards as an alternative to glass and acrylic

iron doors and fences – domes.

Advantages of Polycarbonate Sheets (solid and hollow):

1 – High transparency ratio of external light relative to the panels up to 95%.
2 – Resistant to the fracture completely other than glass and acrylic panels.
3 – Not affected by climate changes from 40 degrees below zero to 160 degrees in Celsius.
4 – Stability of colors for life.
5 – Covered with a layer of UV.
7 – Resistant to combustion and does not help ignite according to international standards.
8. Light weight compared to glass.
9. Easy to install and formable ( can be cold formed).

10. Ten years guarantee against fracture, color change and climate change impacts.



Poly-carbonate Sheets

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