who are we?

We are a company specialized in all engineering covering systems

Design – manufacture – supply – installation of three-dimensional space structures that are used to cover large areas without the need to place columns in the middle that hinder movement.

Space structures are characterized by aesthetic shapes, as they can be in the form of (domes – pyramids – circles – shelves), etc. We also work in the field of engineering coverings.

Of various types for factories, hangars, roofs of villas and houses (roofs), and we have many products that are used for this: –

Polycarbonate panels – solid – hollow – crystal – curly – Use: Skylight – iron fences – swimming pool covers – commercial malls
Plastic tiles are an alternative to clay tiles: covering wooden pergolas, tents, halls, gardens, ceilings and roofs
UPVC panels are an alternative to corrugated sheet metal. These panels consist of three layers – covering hangars and warehouses – tents.
Sandwich panel – for factories, hangars and warehouses
Aluminum cladding panels – facades of buildings and shops
Acrylic sheets
Space frame, space truss
Manufacture of metal trusses
Our new products: plastic wood: wall cladding – floors – stair cladding – closed fence systems – cladding for ships and tourist boats

Watch videos of our work

Water experiment for plastic tiles

Plastic tile water test