Metal roof tiles product:
It is a rain-proof and heat-insulating brick consisting of cured sheet, acrylic, aluminum, cured zinc and crushed stones.

So here are some of the advantages:
1-    Economic efficiency:
•    A one piece covers a relatively large area compared to other types of tiles.
•    The light weight, thus reducing the cost of the supporting structure, transportation, labor, installation, large area can be installed in a short period of time.
•    Waterproof.
2-    Easy installation and treatment:
•    Cutting, bending and remodeling of metal tiles to meet the most urgent requirements, from the lowest slope of the ceilings to the highest.
•    It is a scientific roof system, making work easy for any building.
•    Security and safety procedures for simple tendencies and even high ceilings.
3-    Aesthetic and multicolor:
•    A wide range of colors available to suit all customer tastes and preferences.
•    Distinctive design will suit all the different architecture.
•    Perfect harmony between colors and design will give a dazzling natural look to your roof.
4-    Apparent durability:
•    The metal tile is designed to resist all kinds of extreme weather such as: extreme heat and cold, strong winds, heavy rain, snow, …etc.



Metal roof tiles

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