1. Resistance to Extreme Temperature.
  2. Linear Thermal Expansion.
  3. Thermal and Sound Insulation.
  4. Mechanical Resistance.
  5. Resistance to Chemical and Environmental damage.
  6. Environmental friendly.
  7. Fangxing uPVC roof sheet is made of PVC and ASA synthetic resin, resistant to acids, fungi and humidity with prominent quality. It remains stable in physical performance of -40°C to 80°C.
  8. The corrugated design (TT) not only provides an unique appearance, the sheet itself is also waterproofing, boosting drainage in rainy and snowy area as well.
  9. The anti-corrosion performance of uPVC roof tile is suitable for most applications in coastal areas with severe salt fog corrosion, and the areas with severe air pollution, especially in heavy industrial park.
  10. Spring-arched/Curved – Curved sheets give low-slope roofs a peculier neatness and attractiveness. Fangxing uPVC sheet can be used for both curved roofing and walling applications. The curved ratio is flexible upon the purlin space request of different types. The ratio keeps between 1:5 and 1:20 is recommended.


Thickness : 3  MM

Area :12m *90cm


uPVC Roofing Sheets are applicable to roof pitches 6 degrees to 22 degrees, with purlin span no more than 1200mm. 1105-T roof sheets are applicable to roof pitches from 18 degrees to 22 degrees, with purlin span no more than 800mm.
Thermal insulating material cannot be used directly under the sheet.
Installation: Please don’t stand between two purlins during installation. For a gabled roof, sheets on each side should be installed at the same time with the ridge tile. Installation is not recommended to be carried out at the temperature below -5 degrees Celsius. Install be professional roofers to ensure the quality of installation.
Horizontal overlap by one wave and vertical overlap no less than 100mm.
The roofing sheets can be fixed by supplied hooks or self-tapping screws. For every sheet, two sets of hooks should be fixed properly on one purlin, passing through the wave crest. Every wave crest at vertical overlapping area should be fixed to the purlin by hooks, and reinforcing method should be taken in areas with heavy wind.
Roofing sheets should be cut by toothless thaw.
Drilling Holes: Please make sure that the sheets have been put correctly on purlins before drilling holes. The hole diameter should be 2mm wider than that of hook mandrel. Please use PVC glue to seal for miss-drilled holes.
Storage & Handling: The sheets should be stored on a plane stably, which should be longer that the sheet. Shorter sheets should be put on longer sheets to avoid deformation. Don’t stack different profiles of sheets together. Avoid breaking, rubbing or scratching the surface during handling.
For safety, before installation, check wither the purlins are stable and firm. Roofing sheets  should be stacked along the direction of slope, and no more than 3 pieces per pile. Don’t put any roofing material on unstable purlins to avoid sliding off the roof. Stop installation in the weather of rain, frost and strong winds.
Fangxing uPVC sheet is best installed on industrial building, agricultural building, factory, warehouse, mobile home, manufactured home construction, steel structure, shopping malls

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UPVC roof and wall sheets

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