Reinforced plastic tile alternative to brick-based slurry on buildings, heat insulation and water guarantee 10 years

1. Life-long life, light on buildings, easy to clean, heat-resistant, heat-insulated, sun-proof and water-proof for 10 years.
2. The plastic tile is made of high-temperature resin, PPMA, such as ASA, PPMA etc. It gives exceptional resistance when exposed to elements such as ultraviolet radiation, moisture, heat, cold, and other evaporation, Stable physical performance.
3. Resistance to corrosion
The tile is also characterized by strong resistance to chemicals such as salt, alkali, and more so are suitable for application in extreme coastal areas
4 – Automatic cleaning The surface is smooth and characterized by the difficulty of absorbing dust.
5. Easy installation. Its unique design, powerful 3D effects and rich colors
6. Environmental Friendship
By obtaining the title of the most developed country, this fact can be fully recycled for reuse.
7. Fire resistance class B1
Our tiles meet the requirements of fire protection, fire resistance up to the level of B1 and the anti-flammable ceiling can work to delay the spread of fire.



PVC roof sheets

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