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Cement boards -  Outdoor Cement Board
Width : Width (mm) 1200
Length : 2400
Thickness 12.5
Appearance: White
Product Features:
Alternative to brick and block-work
Drylining for faster progress
Weather and water-resistant
Strong, robust, impact-resistant and non-combustible
Can be cut to shape using “score and snap” technique
Simple and easy to install
Can be bent when dry - up to 1 metre bending radius
ventilation Outdoor constructions
curtain walls
substrate for ceramic and other linings
thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS).
Outdoor Cement Board extremely robust and can support a heavier weight than your standard gypsum boards
indoor Cement Board 
As a modern drylining technology,  Cement Board Indoor is the perfect board for exceptionally light performance, reliability, and stability even in the most challenging wet and humid conditions for both wall and ceiling applications – making it ideal for everything from swimming pools and steam saunas to communal showers and kitchen areas . 
Manufactured from inorganic materials and highly resistant to water and mold, Cement Board Indoor is a real lightweight – making it easy to handle and fast to install, with superb flexibility for curved walls, too. Its surface offers the basis for a multitude of design options, comprising finishes in all quality grades.
Width: 900 mm
Length: 1200/1250/2400/2500 mm
Thickness: 12.5 mm
Appearance: White
Product Features
Tile backing board for wet and humid areas
100% water-resistant
Ecological and environmentally friendly
Resistant to mold and mildew
Strong, robust, impact-resistant
Can be cut to shape using “score and snap” techniques
Simple and easy to install
Can be bent when dry - up to 1-meter bending radius
Communal showers and bathroom areas
Changing rooms
Swimming pools and hot tubs
Steam saunas
Operating theatres
Industrial kitchens
 Cement Board Indoor (Lighter. Easier. Faster.) complies with EN 12467 Category C, Class 2.
Vehicle specifics:
Location: Africa - Egypt
Make: cement sheet
Make Year: 2021
Model: 2021
Number Of Working Hours: 0 Hour
Category: PVA Cement Sheets - all minors departments
Purpose: New offer
Total Price: 250 LE
Bay Method: Cash

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