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PVA Cement Corrugated Sheets:

 Resistant, durable, reliable and even environmentally friendly: fiber cement is one of the most advantageous solutions for the roofing of civil, industrial and agricultural buildings.

The cement matrix reinforced with Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA) fibers results in a malleable product that meets modern construction requirements. In fact, the PVA fibers impart high resistance to tensile stresses, buckling and impact and ensure long product life.

All manufacturers in the EU use these reinforcing fibers because tests have proved them compliant with the current standards in force in Italy and Europe (UNI EN 494 for corrugated sheet; and UNI 10636 indicating the modes for installation of such sheet).


Some Advantages:


This is one of the great assets of profiled sheets


Light (12 kg/m2) and flexible, PVA CEMENT offers significant advantages for installation and maintenance thanks to the sturdiness and impact resistance.


It is permeable to steam and helps ensure heat insulation. In particular, this material makes it possible to control condensation and drain off excess moisture.


It is resistant to the weather and chemicals such as sulphates and acid rain.


These products make the most of the remarkable sound-absorbent properties of PVA CEMENT.


This material does not oxidize and is not affected by microbial plants and animals (fungi, insects and rodents).


Vehicle specifics:
Location: Africa - Egypt
Make: cement sheet
Make Year: 2018
Model: 2018
Number Of Working Hours: 0 Hour
Category: PVA Cement Sheets - all minors departments
Purpose: New offer
Total Price: 317.5 LE
Bay Method: Cash

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